Resolution of POP and IMAP issues in Gmail

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Generally, POP and IMAP decide how your received mails be treated in your Gmail account. How they are saved, moved, deleted or synchronized between the email server and your Gmail account inbox. POP and IMAP are both different strategies, where POP moves mails from the server to your device on the other hand, while using IMAP strategy, received mails stay there only, allowing you to have information of what is happening in your inbox. Or it is said that POP limelight mails present on your local device, while IMAP ensures that mails on the server and in inbox are well synchronized.

Using Gmail applications generates a need of IMAP or POP features. But use of them, frequently attempt to generate issues that need to corrected as soon as possible. If you can’t able to send mail due to these, contact to Gmail Help Number UK and you have to troubleshoot them instantly. If you are facing any such error, get in contact with the technical support team available at Gmail Contact Number UK.  In this post we are going to discuss about few issues, one get to face while using POP and IMAP features.

Sometimes, you can’t be able to download messages from your POP client. This happens because Gmail don’t allow downloading duplicate messages sent by POP client. But, you will surely get these mails in your Gmail account inbox using web, then you get help from Gmail Support Number UK.

When you can’t access POP while using Google Apps email address, you need to input your full email address when being asked for it while configuring the account. If still you have problems, configure your POP for step wise solutions, we are here at Gmail Helpline Number UK to assist you.

You need to keep in mind that when you leave your mailing client running on your PC when you are not there, all mails gets disappear from your phone as your desktop grabs new batches of email. In this case, you need to configure it as soon as possible. If not done, you will never continue receiving mails.

If you are still having some issue with POP and IMAP features, then no need to worry and get in touch with the most talented and determined technicians available at Gmail Toll Free Support Number UK +44-808-168-9042 toll free and stay calm about the issues. You can take help from our technical representatives anytime you want.

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